Jose Gracia Berenguer

Web and open source developer. Software enthusiast. Full time information technology student.

Spain, Comunitat Valenciana

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

The original VSCode extension 'MinifyAll' as a webpage! 😎
TypeScript 0 0
A VSCode minifier for JSON, CSS, and HTML, you will love its simplicity! 🌟
TypeScript 17 3
LEMP Docker environment for PHP applications (Symfony, Laravel, PHP-like)
'I'm in list' list application. Made by Angular as an SPA
TypeScript 0 0
Node CLI package that removes all unused CSS classes and ids
JavaScript 2 0
🌞 Snippets for the creation of changelogs in VSCode!
🔥 Cool and colorful dark theme for VSCode, created by a VSCode fan.
Powershell script that lets you remove useless and not uninstallable software in Windows 10
PowerShell 1 0
A bash script that will clean your temporary Windows files in WSL
Shell 0 0
A scripts that let you add a lot of aliases to your linux shell
Shell 1 0
An easy solution for watermarking images for free. Windows & Linux
Java 1 0

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.